Course Descriptions

If you’re new to rowing you should check out our wide range of course options below.

Junior Youth Rowing

Ages 13-18

North Jersey Rowing offers various levels so that kids can choose a program that fits their goals, whether it be recreational or competitive rowing. The classes are steps for growing into the sport and gaining confidence on the water. There ‘s a place for every potential rower, regardless of size, level of fitness or athletic experience. You decide how much time you want to commit based on your specific goals.

Special Benefits to Youth

  • Concentration
    Rowing demands that you learn to focus.
  • Discipline
    Rowing is vigorous, demanding and develops a level of self-discipline and concentration.
  • Physical strength and endurance.
    Rowing is a terrific aerobic conditioner because it uses all muscle groups without shock to the joints. Power is transferred from legs to the core to the upper body and arms. Many athletes from other sports use rowing as an excellent cross training activity.
  • Teamwork
    You learn not only to work together and in sync but also to support and rely on each other.
  • Fun!
    It’s beautiful and fun to relate to your environment from the water. Both girls and boys participate in the sport equally.
  • College
    Many colleges actively recruit crew athletes and offer a whole range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Rowing is a special skill that develops so many beneficial qualities like discipline and focus for students. Competent junior rowers often present an attractive edge in the college application process.

North Jersey Rowing offers a place for novice rowers with little no prior exposure to the sport as well as more experienced rowers with prior club or camp experience. We’ll find a place for everyone’s ability and need.

Our instructional programs for junior rowers those from ages 13 – 18 aim to develop an individual’s skill set on the water and fashion their physical and mental stamina to become competent rowers. We invite any girls and boys to try the sport, no matter their age when starting. There are no height and weight requirements No prior experience is necessary, just determination to learn is key.

Our classes are structured so that you can tackle rowing level by level, according to your schedule and desired level of intensity. You can choose one or two seasons or do a complete year .We tailor the instruction and practice load according to one’s level of rowing competency.
All first time Junior Development participants will be required to prove their swimming ability either by YMCA or American Red Cross program cards or a swim test (See registration).
All junior rower programs include use of facilities during designated times, use of assigned equipment and coaching. Rowing attire is the responsibility of the rower.

All junior development programs are co-ed while the junior competitive and junior elite programs are men and women crews respectively.

Our junior programs are open to all area students from age 13 – 18. Please note that while our instructional classes sessions are open to anyone, according to US Rowing rules, you cannot compete for two clubs within a one hundred and twenty five mile radius during any one season.

Junior Programming Sequence

A Basic Introduction to Rowing
A ninety minute introduction to get a feel for what is involved in rowing and to test the waters. You can sample whether you’d like to learn for reacrational boating, or have the commitment level needed to excel competitively Rowing requires a lot of multitasking. It’s not as easy as it looks! Here’s your chance to see if this is something you’d like to try. And you can ask all your questions and personal concerns – from what does the coxswain do to what does one wear! Plus you’ll get to pull on an erg machine and sit in a shell.

Junior Development

  • Learn to Row
    The basics of rowing, how to carry the boat and oars, the importance of maintaining your equipment, rigging and learning to row on the erg and on a boat. Mandatory for any further rowing.
  • Novice
    First time rowers already acclimated to the water will become more adept through drills, practice and experience on the water.
  • Intermediate
    These rowers who have established a basic rowing skill set practice on the water and log on the miles needed to build endurance and strength. Focus is on honing their skill set. They will diversify their rowing experience by learning to row in doubles, quads, fours and eights. They will participate in local scrimmages.

Junior Competitive
Competitive rowing programs for high school youth will be composite , that is, rowers may come from any area public, private or home school high school. Representing the crew from North Jersey Rowing, they will train on and off the water. They will compete in scrimmages and regattas in a variety of categories including singles, doubles, fours, quads, and eights. Racing levels include novices (first time competitors), followed by junior and senior level rowers.
Sessions: Spring Sprints, Summer Sprints, Fall Head Races.

Junior Elite
Head Coach will determine which rowers advance to this level, representing North Jersey Rowing. Those junior rowers who have the potential, seriousness and determination to qualify for national competitive regattas will have an intense but manageable practice schedule and training regiment. Spring and Summer Sprints; Fall Head Races.

Do you weigh less than 110? Are you aggressive in driving people to do something? Do you have good judgment? Do you have gumption, a drive to lead and win a race? We’ll teach you all about the coxswains important role and how to command an eight boat or a cox a four. Contact

Collegiate Level Rowing

Those in college and those post college graduates under 27.

Do you ever wish you could go for a row for the fun of it? Would you like to connect with other area experienced rowers? Would you like to try to scull? Perfect your technique? Or have a place to practice a bit before heading back to college? Compete in the summer? Or just take out a shell and crew to see if all those hours on the water comes back to you?

North Jersey Rowing encourages current and former collegiate rowers from the metropolitan area to keep up their sport, as it’s lifetime that has so many benefits.

Get your friends together or connect with new ones. Come to North Jersey Rowing for some evenings of fun and exercise. Evenings after five p.m. will be available during the summer from May through August.

Contact us directly at to reserve boat time and organize participants. Fee will be based on hourly usage and boat commitment.

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons with Coach David are available upon request.